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Fox Protocols for Puerto Rico

Don’t add to the misery

Puerto Rico has been devastated and it does not need your depression adding to its anguish. The graphic of the helicopter mother transferring her depression to her daughter is literally what happens in the other dimensions. Do not do this to Puerto Rico. Use your mind to create miracles. Do not let your mind and your depression add to the mess.

The program below is a series of mental yogas that deal with your depression and lack of faith and also align you with your intention that miracles happen in the reconstruction of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has anchored  the Golden Age for all of us

Puerto Rico is the first country to complete the process of balancing light and dark, and now it  has been purified by Hurricane Maria. Now Puerto Rico can take advantage of the magic of the mind that was promised to us centureies ago. It has always been known that the Age of Aquarius and the Golden Age include  an augmentation of the power of the mind and the ability to easily create magic.

We need magic in Puerto Rico now, not black magic  but the magic of thousands of minds creating an astoundingly rapid transformation on the physical dimensions in Puerto Rico. They already had their spiritual transformation in the spiritual dimensions. Lets all pitch in.

The protocols below were developed a decade ago in anticipation of events such as what just happened in Puerto Rico and Mexico.


Fox Protocols and mental Yogas_9

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